Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Wandering Dolphin Sailing South to Trinidad

Mill Valley, California

 For folks that have followed my blog my connection to the Burton's and Wandering Dolphin is well known. I still keep in constant contact with them, even though they are in El Carib and I'm Baghdad by the Bay. 
Screen Shot of WD in real time

 I miss them terribly. Team Burton has remained in the Virgin Islands working and saving to continue their world voyage, but are heading south toward the equator to miss the bulk of the hurricane season. As many will recall I have little tolerance for squalls and the instability of the Caribbean summer. So, Rebecca and Kristopher departed this morning, close hauled and heading for Trinidad for some maintenance and then to Grenada for some R&R. 
Wandering Dolphin on a Mooring Off Christa's Stern close enough to hear a family squabble

 To highlight my paranoia regarding these revolving beastly hurricanes I provide the below picture from the 2008 hurricane season. Were all lashed into the mangroves on the south coast of Puerto Rico awaiting the arrival of Hurricane Earl. You can see Wandering Dolphin up from.

Poolside with the Wandering Dolphin Progeny in Puerto Rico
Wish them luck and keep them in your prayers as they cross the Carribean Sea. You can follow them in real time on their Spot page by click here. Spot is kinda like google maps for boats. It's super fun to follow along. 

Blast From the Past Video

Rebbecca and Kristopher filmed my departure from the Virgin Islands when I was heading south. Makes me sad to watch the video. 

Fair Winds WD!

Capt Chris

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