Thursday, September 3, 2009

The People are What's Important

On assignment in Williamstown MA

Case in point. One of my delights is meeting interesting people from all walks of life. I am a homebody and if I were to settle, for example, into a life of suburban routine I likely would meet few new aquatainces. I generally have my peeps and I like to stick with them, seeking the familiar groove of expectation. This is not to imply that I'm meeting scores of people, but I clearly bump into new people. Having the gregarious gene, I unintentionally propel my entire personality quite readily. I usually find conversation forthcoming.

Most people I meet are fine and nice people. Every once in a while you just meet someone with a pizzaze that grabs hold of you. And so it is with Sam, pictured above. I met Sam at a yoga class and we subsequently had some vittles. Sam is chock full of adventure and I was delighted to hear all about it!

Capt Chris

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Satori in the Perfect Storm

Satori in Perfect Storm

On Assignment in Williamstown MA

As some may know, I came to own Christa, a 1975 Westsail32 due to my experiences while stationed at Point Judith Rhode Island during the famed Perfect Storm. Back in the day it was known, simply as the Halloween Storm of 91. I came across this video, of Satori, also a 1975 Westsail32, shot from one of the old H-3 Pelicans. Really good stuff. The seas are magnificent and the boats performance is equally magnificent. The key to remember in my opinion, is Satori was not in distress. She was technically "hove to," but really from the video, you can see she is fore-reaching just a little bit. Notice how squared away the decks are. Everything lashed down, including the mainsail and boom to the boom gallows.

The crew was in the grips of fear, which is perfectly understandable. I can only imagine how exhausted and fatigued the crew must be. The desire to get out of that situation could overwhelm the saltiest of dogs.

If you haven't read the book, I highly recommend it. Really fast read and tells an interesting story.


Capt Chris

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Alive and Doin Fine!


On Assignment in Williamstown Ma

Fear not, Capt Chris (me) is landlocked well inland, but really enjoying myself. For such a simple life, for a guy who has no job, I seem to have a day crammed full. Each night I am plume tired and sleep soundly.

This weekend past, mys sister and I attended a show, James Taylor, Sheryl Crow and Yo Yo Ma at Tanglewood in the Berkshire. It was great, but cold to my taste. Most days are spent exercising, hiking, eating, reading and running. Really can't beat that.

However, that old faithful yearning for life afloat has now entered my brain. It is my fate. So my timeline is still to return to Grenada on October 26th and prepare Christa to splash.

I plan on setting sail in early November, bound for Naples Florida. I know many blog readers have lost interest due to current shorebound ways. After all, most readers are shorebound themselves and who wants to read about another shorebound chump. But this chump will put to sea in the not far distant future. So please stay tuned!

Capt Chris
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