Saturday, July 17, 2010

Way Into Libraries

Mill Valley Library, Mill Valley California

I love visiting libraries and always make it a point when traveling to check out the local scene. You can derive alot about a community based on their library system. Here I am at the Boston Library. Love the "Free to All" etched in stone.

Boston Library

And again, here I am at the New York City Library in Midtown Manhattan.

My favorite library thus far in life has to be the Nantucket Public Library, pictured below.

Nantucket Library

In my current location in California, I have two gems to choose from. The first is the Alemany Library on the campus of Dominican University. I blogged recently of the beautiful and peaceful nature of the campus. The library is the same. Wireless, an art gallery, plenty of seating and great views outside giant windows. Below is my base of operations I've been setting up on some days. The chairs are comfy and functional. Blam!

On most days, I head about 8 miles south to Mill Valley to take a yoga class. This works well as the library is just a stones throw away. Now Mill Valley Library is in hard running with the top spot of my favorite library. The place is stellar in terms of its services and beauty. It sits in a small red wood forest, with full on picnic tables, small theatrical stage and babbling brook to boot. It also has a wooden deck where you can sit outside in the sun and soak. Lots of folks falling asleep on the deck......and cell phone chatterers too. Here are some pictures I took just the other day.

Mill Valley Library


Capt Chris