Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Across the United States in the Green Hornet

Christa and I are Moored in Naples Florida
Moving to California in May. Why? Click here.

Along with a move to California comes a very enjoyable project. And that is a cross country trip in my Honda, with great time flexibility. I've now started to do some real thinking about my path and what type of adventures I'd like to create. I'd also love to see friends that have scattered like splitters along the way. I just hope I don't get so excited about getting back to the Bay Area, that I blast west in three days time. I generally plan on leaving mid May, after getting Christa on a truck and pointed westerly.

I have driven across the country before. After my first tour in the Coast Guard aboard CGC Polar Sea (WAGB 11), homeported in Seattle,  I was transferred to USCG Station Point Judith Rhode Island. In January 1991 I took off in my 1989 rag top Jeep and decided to take the northern route. Recall youth breeds poor decisions. By the time I was in northern Idaho I was in a blizzard. But my little Jeep cruised very well through snow drifts on the highway. I kinda loved it. But all hell broke loose when my Jeep, with 5,000 miles had a catastrophic failure. A rod burst and penetrated the side of the block right at the exit to Miles City Montana. This started a 3 week adventure that burned up all my leave. Miles City is a real cowboy town, they had never even seen a Coast Guard guy and were just baffled at my presence. Once I got towed, I checked into a Budget Inn and headed to the Bison Bar.

This is the place where it all happens. They have actual western saddles for bar stools. Folks still could gallop on up and lash up there horse outside. My second day in town I plopped down next to a Federal Judge, having a noon cocktail after a tough morning of lawyering. He became agitated that a service man was staying in the Budget Inn. Well a couple of days later I was packing my stuff and moving in with the Judge and his wife on there ranch. Well it was later on during my first night, that I met the Judges daughter..... all 275 pounds of her. She took a shine to me and was coming on strong. I sounded retreat and left around midnight and walked the two plus miles back to the Budget Inn. Temperature was well below zero. I rapped on the proprietors door, who I now was on a first name basis with (small town), he answers the door, I say "I need my room back" and he says "you met the Judges daughter." I was set-up and all hands in town just wanted to see how this little piece of entertainment would play out. Word on the saddle at the Bison Bar was that the daughter worked as a bouncer at the only strip club in eastern Montana.

The next day I went to court, hat in hand and explained to the Judge it may be best if I bivwac at the Budget Inn. He roared with laughter, he knew. I'm just happy I didn't end up in a hole in the Great Plains, after dishonoring the Judges family. It took a smooth 3 weeks for the dealership to get a new short block and drop that sucker into my Jeep. Mom and Dad to the rescue. I didn't have the scratch to pay for 3 weeks in a hotel. They footed the tab.

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This go around I don't anticipate the same type adventures as I did in Montana, but I really would like to experience the south. I hope to visit places I have always wanted to go. Austin Texas is high on my list of what tickles me. I hope to see the LBJ Presidential Library and check out some good music while in Austin. I also would like to check out the George H.W. Bush Presidential Library in College Station Texas. Further west, the four corners region, Sedona and Flagstaff are on the agenda. Maybe the Grand Canyon, which I have seen, but maybe this time I'll pitch a tent. When in LA I plan on the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library. I have been to the Reagan Library before, but now Air Force One is on display. Then onward to my final destination of Sausalito and the Presidio Yacht Club. So if anyone who may be near these destinations would like to put me up for the night, well I would appreciate that!

Capt Chris

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Easy Like Sunday Morning

Moored Naples Florida. Doing?
Moving to California in May. Why? Click Here

I try and stuff in an hour or so of reading a day. Taking advantage of the surroundings, the amenities and the lack noise, I plunked down in a chair right off Christa's starboard quarter for some reading this morning. I took the opportunity to futz around with my Canon Power Shot G11 and took a series of pictures. 

The camera is one of these gizmos that has such capability, one almost needs a course of instruction to maximize even a scratch of its functions.


Capt Chris