Friday, August 19, 2011

Fall Semester at Dominican University

Glen Ellen, California

This summer I completed a 6 semester hour Finite Math class and an internship at Mill Valley library. My 3 week break is coming to a close, and this coming Monday I report back to school to start my senior year. Here is a quick run down of what's on tap for the Fall 2011 semester. 

East side of Guzman Hall

Digital Media Convergence (Monday and Weds)

1.              Course Description:

Facebook and Fox News, Tivo and TV, YouTube and Yahoo, books and blogs, ipods, iphones, itunes, ieverything – we are pretty much swimming in information. How do we navigate through it all? How do we find the good stuff? Which kinds of information should we use for which kinds of research and creative projects?

Through readings, lectures, tutorial demonstrations and hands-on exercises in multimedia technologies, students will explore the convergent forms of digital media, including production for audio, video, and web, as well as interactive communications. Students will be encouraged to articulate the stories they wish to tell and to develop the skills to communicate their messages. Students will develop a critical awareness of their own work and be able to place it in a broader social and cultural context.  

Linguistics ( Monday and Weds)

1.               Course Description

Introduction to linguistics: the scientific inquiry into human language, its structures and uses and the relationship between them, as well as into the development and acquisition of language. 

Classical Arts: Greek & Roman (Weds)

1.               Course Description

Architecture, sculpture, painting, and minor arts of ancient Greece and Rome from the early Minoan-Mycenaean period through the late Roman Empire. The development of the Greek temple and the Roman city and the influence of classical culture on the development of Western civilization. 

Special Project Cap/1 - Senior Project

1.                Course Description

Specific work on the senior project with the student’s primary reader. Requirements depend upon the student’s Concentration Track  

Senior Project Workshop 

1.                Course Description

A two semester practical workshop with other students working on their senior project. The workshop orients students to thesis or project options, choice of primary reader and the process and requirements of the senior project. 

So grateful I am able to attend school full-time, and dedicate my life to the aquistion of knowledge.

Capt Chris 

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Gardening So Appealing

Glen Ellen, California

 My little house here in the Valley of the Moon in the Sonoma wine country is a small plot of land no doubt. But, I do have space to grow organic veggies and what not. I have been really surprised at how I've been sweeped up into gardening. I've positively gotten in touch with my inner farmer. I've never grown anything in my life. When I moved into the house in June I planted a sunflower seed. You can see the results in the picture below. When that little plant popped its head from the soil in a week, sadly perhaps, it was one of the most satisfying things I've ever done! It was truly gratifying.

My First Flower
Since, I've planted tomatoes, strawberries, cantaloupe, and melon. Just recently I built two raised garden beds, both 2 feet by 8 feet. I've now planted an assortment of lettuce and kale. Within the week I've sow some carrots and celery. These are all my fall garden plantings. You see, I'm already conversant with terms such as "fall garden plantings." Living in the wine country it should be obvious that its prime growing territory. With my PVC hoop design I should be able to grow year round. Man, am I into it!

What's really wild about this new interest of mine is that many many retired sailors move inland and become farmers or ranchers. Just take Robin Lee Graham, who in the 1960's was the youngest circumnavigator at 16 years old. He moved to Montana with his wife and lived off the land. The whale industry in New England is another example. Most sea captains owned working farms. Also, my friends from SV Someday Came, the Tillman's, post circumnavigation bought and now operate a Lavender farm in Virginia. For some crazy reason there are strong commonalities.

With all my veggies I will defiantly be slurping on a lot of green smoothies.

Capt Chris

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Adventure in California Wine Country

Glen Ellen, California

This Sunday past I lit out on a fun filled day with my pal Lena, and couple of her friends to Healdsberg California. Of course, I don't consume libations, but my entourage surely does. We hit some wineries for heavy duty tasting while I safely piloted transport between destinations. By late afternoon, we picked up some steaks, culled fresh veggies from the organic garden in the backyard, and had a fantastic home cooked meal. It was a great August summer day in northern California with sunny blue skies and temps in the high 80's. I have to say the highlight was a visit to Francis Ford Cooppla' s winery. Click here if your not familiar with who Francis is. The place was amazing with bars, restaurants, movie memorabilia, and a huge pool with cabana's. For $15 bucks you can lounge at the pool all day. The place was mobbed. So I leave you with so photographs that I shot with my Canon G11 and edited in Apple's Aperture 3.

You Gotta Respect Old Glory

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