Thursday, August 5, 2010

Educational Compromise

Dominican University of California
San Rafael CA

 I took the above picture just the other day. Very amusing, very California. But I guess what I want to write about today is what is happening in the present and will have a heavy impact on my future.

In the past I have blogged about the next chapter in terms of career. I felt pretty strongly about teaching and would investigate the occupation. Teaching is not completely off the table, but I am less inclined to follow the teaching path. You can read about what I wrote about teaching in May by clicking here.

First off, after spending 20 years working for the government I much prefer to enter the private sector regardless of what is happening in education today. While I am versed in the trend toward charter and private schools, the majority of teaching positions are public. The thought of entering a bureaucratic laden situation turns my stomach. Such instability exists in terms of school funding and property taxes and the like; it gives me enough pause to where I'd rather play my cards elsewhere. Plus I'm no fan of the standards movement.

My classes start in about two weeks. But mentally I've already begun. This means meetings with my academic adviser and career councelor. Based upon information I gathered from these meetings, I reached out to the Humanities Chair for further advise. This lead to a meeting with his assistant, who doubles as an associate professor. And back to my academic adviser and career councelor I go with new perspectives. I always knew that once I was exposed to the university, its curriculum and its voluminous network I'd evolve. It seems I am a question machine, which fits well with philosophy major as all philosopher's do is ask questions. An answer is a rarity. Or more accurate like is an answer is provided in the form of another question which is dubbed the answer. Get it? I think therefore I am.

My educational compromise is as follows. My planning is driven in large part by the Post 911 GI Bill which provides 36 months of benefits. Given that time frame I can achieve a Bachelors degree and a teaching credential in the state of California. My intent has always been to get a Graduate degree. I naively thought I could do all three, BA/BS, MBA and have the certifiables to teach. No can do within that time frame. And the teaching route would really jimmy up my curriculum as an undergrad. The totality of the situation has compelled me to shelve the teaching for now. I must be cognizant that time is a slipping and that entering the workforce at 47 will be weird anyway.

Capt Chris

PS: My coveted iPad was stolen. Puke.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Infineon Raceway Sonoma California

I spent a really great day at the old Sears Point Raceway, now dubbed Infineon Raceway, watching motorcycle racing. What a rush. Pictured below is the kid and one of the riders, who also doubles as one of the yoga teachers at the studio I practice at. Yoga and motorcycle racing? Weird!