Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A Reason I've Moved Into A House

San Rafael, California

 This semester past I took a required course call Humanities Seminar that required a great deal of reading. It is best described as a class based upon the Great Books model of learning. The student reads a spattering of books that are judged to be great works that have shaped the foundations of western society. A reading is assigned for the week, then the class meets in a circular fashion, and the professor facilitates a discussion based upon students interpretation of the reading. I loved it! Here is a list of some of the authors I had to read. Thoreau, Marx, Martin Luther, The Bible, Freud, Whitman, Woolf, Darwin, and Plato. 

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My charge for my last paper of the class was to pick a reading that "moved me" and write about ways that it made me think a little differently or some new insights. Also, to discuss the value of the humanities, and suggest further research I may pursue in the future.

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I was pleasantly surprised to have enjoyed Virginia Woolf's "A Room of One's Own" so much, and choose to write about her piece. I thought for sure that I would choose to furiously attack Marx, as his writings did more than move me. In fact, one of the Marx writings called "Wage Labor and Capital" was the best economics 101 explanation I have ever read. He understood free markets. But his works "On the Jewish Question" was so revolting to me, I had trouble getting through it. If you want to know how World War 2 culminated in the Holocaust, just go back to 1843 and read what Marx wrote. Crazy. Anyway, below is the paper I wrote for the class.

Generally, I learned how important a sense of "place" is for a person to think creatively and thrive. "A Room of One's Own" is a metaphor for a great many things. Living aboard Christa since I started school has become difficult because of lack of space. I'm a spreader outer, and was unable to build an adequate room of my own. Thus, I've decided to give shore side living a long-term go. Interpret what you will! Enjoy!

Humanities Sem Reflective Essay Final