Saturday, September 21, 2013

Asana Task Management Software

San Anselmo, CA

I've always had a bit of a fetish for task management software and prior to the ubiquitous computer  with paper day planners. It all really started for me as a wee child emulating my father who always carried his Daytimer in the pocket of his suit jacket.

This really started to ramp up for me when my CO aboard CGC Washington sent the crew to a Franklin Quest, the original Franklin Covey seminar regarding life management tied into the Franklin system. Of course the original master planner was Benjamin Franklin himself. Here is a great link to Ben's daily schedule. Click here.

I've spent....can't say I've wasted $365 on Franklin Covey's cloud task management, however it can not even come close to competing with the free Asana Task Management Software.

This is the way I manage a very busy life across three distinct areas. My mortgage loan officer business at Equitable Mortgage Group, my personal tasks as it relates to my rental, my boat ect...and now a very busy yoga life that is starting to expand into workshops, private lessons and retreats.

I use it as a solo enterprise, however the real juice of the system is it's built specifically for collaboration with teams of people. Even better, the value the company places on constant improvement is significant. They are always adding new tested features. I simply cannot rave enough about it! Please click here to read about some history and how asana flowed from the creators of Facebook as they experienced frustration with building out complex, fast growing companies.

Check it out!

Christian Allaire

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Yoga Retreat in Hawaii

San Anselmo, CA

Ahoy all. I recently spent 13 days on the island of Maui in the Hawaiian Islands for a yoga retreat. What an unbelievable experience it was and it convinced me that I'm ready to lead my own yoga retreats. More to follow on that score.

I practice with 15 other yogi's at a super resort call Lumeria near the northshore town called Paia. Check out the website.

I leave you with some photos's shot on my Canon or GoPro Hero 3. Check it out!

The Pool at Lumeria
GoPro Hero in Action


Yogi C.....the former Capt C