Friday, December 17, 2010

Christian Allaire Is on the Road

Shelton Connecticut
At my Sisters

I rolled out of San Francisco this past Tuesday for a smooth month on the east coast. I'm be visiting family and friends during the period. I've used my sisters house for a storage facility for as long as I can remember. Living aboard a boat creates issues with space obviously. Over the years I've accumulated stuff I just don't want to part with.

As I mentioned in my December 10th post, I've always loved taking pictures. I built up quite a library of old school photo albums from days past. I'm now taking digital pictures of all my pictures and archiving them in the cloud and on Facebook, as well as on my MacBook for further back-up. It's been great fun to skulk through the past. Kind of gives you a check on how life has gone thus far.

I created the below slideshow in Apple's iPhoto 11. It really is a test run to see how it turns out. If I like it, I will make some more shows chronicling some other events in my life. How you enjoy!

Capt Chris