Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Allaire's New Land Boat

San Anselmo, California

When I finally landed in Naples Florida back in 2009 (click here to read that blog post) after my seagoing voyage of discovery thru El Carib I was car-less and needed some transportation. I ended up purchasing the "Green Hornet" my 2001 Honda Accord with 64k on the odometer. She served me well and true.....I piloted her across the United States from Florida to my current home in California.

Well, things move on and this blog has definitely become more Land than Sea....especially evidenced by my new Land Rig.

After graduation I took a job as a Mortgage Banker & Broker at Equitable Mortgage Group and have been working on that business now for about  a year and a half. It really is a business where everything communicates including what you drive. 

Not long after I sold Christa I was doing my job.....engaging realtors and checking out some Open Houses to see what's on the market thinking maybe I could provide some financing. Well I pulled up to an 8 million dollar home in Ross CA looking very sharp with the exception of the Green Hornet which looked tired with more than a 100k on the odometer. Right or wrong good or bad, a car transmit messages of success or failure. I felt embarrassed. 

So I bought a Mercedes Benz......poor baby has to drive a Benz. I've not had a moment of regret. What a magnificent piece of engineering and pure pleasure to drive. 

All good in the hood!

Capt C (ret)