Thursday, October 8, 2009

Summer Movie

On Assignment in Williamstown MA
18 Days until Grenada
Bound for NYC tomorrow

I've been hard at work learning Apple iMovie and using my new Flip HD camera. I'm now dangerous with this equipment. It should be good fun filming sailing this year. Please stay tuned.

To watch in full screen mode just click on the button next to "HQ" on the video slide. Please don't be shy about comments or rating the post.


Capt Chris

Monday, October 5, 2009

Last Week in the Berkshires

On Assignment in Williamstowns MA
25 Days until Grenada

I'm now in the 9th inning of my stay here in the Berkshire of Mass. What a beautiful small-town stretch of America. But the leaves are changing and I don't want to wear out my welcome here. So yesterday my U2 partner in crime, Mary Jane and I, took a wonderful hike along a stretch of the Appalachian Trail. We paused at the above look out for a photo op. In the distance you can see the small town of Williamstown and the campus of Williams College. Early in the spring I had given deep thought and made some plans to hike for several weeks along the Appalachian trail, but found the logistics to difficult. I was disappointed I couldn't make it work without a measure of pain. So I was particularly thrilled to at least say I hit a small portion of the famous trail.

The above picture has no significance other than I like it. Something I forgot to mention a few weeks back was a lecture, held at Williams College, my buddy John and I attended. I do hesitate to mention it as it really is way off the sailing track, but has some relevance to my future in academia. In the world of philosophy this fellow is a power house. Daniel Dennet, a Professor at Tufts, lectured for an hour and half on evolution. Dennet is famous and influential, but mostly known in the academic world. He also is one of the "four horseman of Atheism."  Considering that my upcoming education is going to be centered in the humanities and philosophy, I was enthusiastic to hear the man lecture. Especially since I am not simpatico with the man. Always good to have your point of view challenged. So if your interested click on Dennet's link.

I'll be heading to NYC at the end of this week to spend time with my bro for a week and then I'll push on to Florida.

Capt Chris