Sunday, March 28, 2010

Welcome to the Blog Re-Design

Moored and living aboard Christa in Naples Florida

I love tinkering with the blog and have enjoyed the process of discovery ushered in by my interest in the blogging platforms. is a blogging platform that I have been working with on the side in an attempt to improve the my blog and to simply learn. I wrote all about this topic. Check it out by clicking here.

I had come to the conclusion that Blogger is for rookies and that is for the pros. Of course I want to do a good job and present material as best I can. But I have decided to stay with Blogger which is owned by Google. No slouch in the innovation department. My Wordpress site that I set up just didn't seem right to me. To work with the technology really was a challenge for me. I suspect I could squeeze a little more quality out of Wordpress vs blogger, but the time investment didn't seem to be worth it to me. While I was working on all this, Blogger upgraded its own technology and I think it is great. It provides a good deal of room for creativity and makes it easy to personalize your own site. So here I am. Stand by for tweaking. I may take on the Wordpress again someday. I like to remind myself that blogging is about content and no matter how much razzle dazzle a blog has, content is king.

Onward. The other day heading into work I snapped the above photo with my Canon. The town blocked off a couple of streets and had a big party. Here is the stage being set up for Foreigner. I worked until 10 pm and was able to catch the end of Foreigners set. Mick Jones has such a distinctive voice. The good people of Naples were rocking out 70's style.

Hope you all enjoy the new blog style and continue to check in as I pick up my life and move west.

Capt Chris

PS: The picture on the header of the blog is the Yacht Club that I will be keeping Christa moored at. Taken from the north tower of the Golden Gate Bridge looking northwest over Angel Island in San Francisco Bay. Familiar territory to Christa and I. We lived in that same marina for 3 years. Home Sweet Home!