Saturday, April 10, 2010

Check It

Moored Naples Florida
About One Month Left in Naples

On my way to the coffee shop this morning, where I set up a base of operations I spied this beast of a vehicle. As some readers may remember I had the pleasure of the use of one of these old skool Hummers this past summer. Check that post by clicking here. But this Hummer is a little more tricked out. Check it out.

Capt Chris

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Naples Landscape

Moored at the Patton Residence, Naples Florida
Moving to California Next Month. Why? Click Here.

I'm able to find beauty just about anywhere. I'm blessed this way. Some long time residents of Naples are sickened a bit over the influx of vast fortunes and the squashing of an old school beach town feel. You can still experience a little bit of that beach town feel between Naples and Fort Myers Beach, along Bonita Beach Road. But I still find some of the homes just stunning. I found when sailing from place to place, the best way to get a feel for and discover nooks in new places is to take a run.  It has been the same with Naples.

I have been running past this small park that sits along this little lake surrounded by homes. I keep hearing about all the gators in Florida. I want to photograph one or many. So today, I drove the Green Hornet to this spot to see about flushing out one of these beasts. No joy. But what terrific day and so beautiful. Low humidity, 80's and blue skies. I broke the camera out anyway and even took a self portrait.

Happy Birthday to my Big Brother Ron.

So happy my work schedule had backed down to a respectable level. Three days off this week! And in a month or so, time to move on. Why and where? Well Click here.

Capt Chris

PS: Word around the camp fire is that some folks using Microsofts Internet Explorer are experiencing weirdness when logging on to the blog. Apparently multiple windows start opening by themselves. No clue what this is about. No issues with any other browsers. I dumped Internet Explorer many moons ago because of its constant problems.  Any problems though, I would like to know about. So don't be shy!

Monday, April 5, 2010

iPad, My New Gizmo

Moored Naples Florida

I'm unable to pinpoint the moment when I fully acknowledged my weakness for gadgets. It's even worse when it comes to Apple products. What can I say. So I wasn't all that surprised to find myself in the line at the local Apple store this Saturday morning past, debating the merits of "having to have one." I was in good company with fellow rationalists; were all on board with how critical it was to have an iPad stat. The techno jabber during my nearly three hours in line was even much for me. A small ripple happened in line when I whipped out my Blackberry to field an incoming email. I found myself on the attack as I defended my Blackberry use over an iPhone. I considered myself independent minded fellow I told them. That quickly evaporated when the first customer emerged moments after the iPad went on sale at 9am sharp. Clutching the thing as if he just completed a game ending end zone catch. I strained with the rest to see. "What's going on dammit?" Security ushered him along preventing a real time review. Morale dropped even lower when we all realized that all the folks with reservations were going in first. Reservations? What?Now there's a concept. Suddenly the accountant behind me became a crowd control expert and considered the Apple Store's policy "BS." I countered that this wasn't a 1031 exchange and he seemed pleased with my real estate acumen. I then culled some good info as it pertains to my real estate investment in California.

I finally made it into the store just in the nick of time. My scheduled work at the restaurant was bearing down hard. I got in and got out. Never did have a chance that day to open the darn box. But have since.

What a gadget! Not disappointed in the least. Is it a necessity? Not yet. But it is a wonderful edition to my life. The iBook reading function and the fact I have access to all my Kindle material is very cool.

Onward. I have been a busy boy. Easter week is the high season here in south Florida. Spring break and all that. Tons of teenagers prancing around in this beach town. I have done nothing but work this week and am tired. But from here on out, my schedule easy significantly. So I can maybe focus of my many hobbies and of course I'm rolling out of Naples in about a month. It's all happening!

Capt Chris