Wednesday, April 22, 2009

From the Breakfast Table

On a mooring Admiralty Bay Bequia
St Vincent and the Grenadines
13 00.6'N 061 14 4'

I took this picture (double click to enlarge) just moments ago while eating breakfast and slurping some coffee. It is easy to become lazy in a laid back place like Bequia. I haven't been doing anything substantial and I'm still on a mooring, which I haggled down to $70 a week. I paid $30 for a week's worth of Internet which struggles to beam out to the good anchorage near Tony Gibbons Beach. So I could save on the mooring fee by anchoring but then I lose the use of the wifi signal I already paid for. These are the rigors.

I have also identified my running circuit which kind of fell by the wayside during my stay in St Lucia. So I am very pleased to be back on the road running again. Of course the circuit is either up hill or down hill with few flat spots. These are the rigors.

I was also pleased to see some old faces, Jan and Paul from IRESE, and Endeavor 40. I sailed with Jan and Paul Through the Turks & Caicos and were one of the many boats that spent time in Luperon Dom Rep while I waited for weather many moons ago. Now Team Irese spent the hurricane season here in Bequia. But just recently they took a job with a charter boat company. They run a big ole 51 foot catamaran and take guests to the Tobago Cays National Park for a week or so. As Paul said "it's bloody lot of work." So Paul and Jan have the next week or two off so I hope to spend some time with them on that big Ole 51 foot cat.

So other than lazin around all day I have been doing alot of advance planning, which is in my nature about my future plans and intentions. I will write up a separate blog about what my and Christa's future holds. I have made a decision.

Capt Chris
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