Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year and Welcome to 2011

Williamstown Mass
Mission? Visiting Friends
Snowshoeing in Williamstown Mass 31 Dec 10.  Shot with Canon G11

 For us lucky living, a new year is upon us. I'd have to say 2010 was a pretty kick ass year. Much has changed for me over the past year. Recall a year ago today, I had just arrived in Naples, Florida after my crossing from Grenada. You can get caught up on that situation by clicking here. Life continues to evolve as it is supposed to.

New Years Day is when many folks start thumping away at this years resolutions. That is how it should be. At the beginning of the year is when major rubber is applied to life's helm, steadying up on a new direction and then minor course corrections throughout the year to keep moving forward. But sometimes a new direction takes awhile to steady up on. The point is, it's a good time to reevaluate and make a commitment.
Breck on New Years Eve 2010. Shot with my Canon G11

 Last year is when I altered my life's direction substantially. I trucked Christa to California in June, and entered Dominican University of California in August. Now, I have minor course corrections to apply as I continue to study and transition into a new occupation at some point. All is well with me, and I've no regrets with my altering of the sailing life. I love living in the San Francisco Bay area and see myself settling out west for a good long time. I can't think of another area I'd rather live other than Austin Texas. So that is the skinny from Massachusetts on the 1st day of 2011.

Blast From the Past
Me, Jill and Lynn in Honolulu 1995
The world lost Lynn to cancer in 2006. We miss her.


Wednesday, December 29, 2010

New York City and More Digital Photo's

East Village, NYC

I'm wrapping up my short visit to NYC, and pushing on to the Berkshires of Mass tomorrow. I shot some more pictures today. Here is a small taste.

Empire State Building

Washington Square Park is just around the corner from my brothers apartment. It is ringed by New York University in the East Village, and is about as New York as it gets. I love the movie When Harry Met Sally, and below is two stills from the movie filmed in 1989, and then a picture I took this evening. Notice the Twin Trade Towers framed in the Arch from 89. 



Monday, December 27, 2010

New York City and the Post Christmas Blizzard

East Village, New York City
Mission? Visiting my Brother and His Family
Jazzed? You Bet!
Still working on my digital photography

Grace Church Broadway and East 10th
 The official count is 20 inches measured in Central Park. There is something so charming about New York City during, and then after a heavy snowfall. I arrived yesterday from Shelton Connecticut just as the storm was ramping up. Here are some pictures I took over the past couple of days.

St. Marks Place shot on the iPhone4

New York City December 27th 2010 from B. Kim on Vimeo.

I love coming to New York, and this visit has been made even more special given the weather and all the photo opportunities. Just wish I was a better photographer.

Blast From The Past

Mount Rainier Washington 1989

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