Monday, June 13, 2011

My New Base of Operations

Glen Ellen, California

I've been busy outfitting my little house to make it homey. A critical component of my new living arrangement is my office.

The office is up and running. Looks pretty nice. Oh? What's that? That's right, that is a new 21 inch iMac sitting on my new Ikea desk with my Apple TV connected to my flatscreen. Hopefully I can be productive with all my gizmos so near at hand.


Sunday, June 12, 2011

A Hike Through Jack London State Park

Glen Ellen, California
At the Homestead

I spent a good portion of yesterday skulking through Jack London State Park. More accurately in the words of Thoreau I was merely "Sauntering."My friend Tina turned my onto Bill and Dave's Hikes. These fellows lead monthly hikes, mostly in the Valley of the Moon, but they do some hikes in other California parks. It was great fun. At the top of the list of what attracts me to California is its incredible geography. Lately I've been so busy with school and moving into the my house, I've spent almost zero time pursing any type of leisurely activity.
View of the Valley of the Moon or Sonoma Valley from the trail

California is a very troubled state. Jack London State Park is one of the parks that is on the closure list in California. The park with be off limits come September. You can click here to read an article in the LA Times regarding the sorry state of the park system. I leave you now with some photos from the hike. Enjoy!

Rhett Walker and the Kid Washington State Cica 1990
Capt C