My U.S Coast Guard Career

I spent 20 years serving in the Coast Guard and retired as a Senior Chief Boatswains Mate (E-8) on February 1st 2008. Here is a brief snapshot of my Coast Guard career.

Boot Camp Cape May New Jersey (Jan-Mar 1988)

My Swearing in @ Recruiting Office in Philadelphia 1987

Taken While in Boot Camp about 5 hours after having my wisdom teeth yanked

After graduating from Boot Camp, I made my way west for the first time to Seattle, and the home-port of my first ship, Polar Sea. My time aboard “Big Red” was incredible. I deployed for “Operation Deep Freeze 89″ for nearly 6 months in Antarctica.

USCGC Polar Sea (WAGB 11) Seattle Washington (Mar 1988-Feb 1990
Big Red in Antarctica 1989
SN Allaire @ sea, age 21

After becoming acquainted with big ship operations and experiencing a whole new unknown world, it was time to cut my teeth in the Motor Life Boat world. I was transferred to Coast Guard Station Point Judith, in Narragansett, Rhode Island. It was during this tour that I learned I was actually a good boat driver, and had some leadership skills to boot! I weathered both Hurricane Bob (91), and the infamous Halloween Storm which gained fame as the Perfect Storm as dubbed by author Sebastian Junger.

Coast Guard Station Point Judith Rhode Island (Feb 1990-June 1992)
30FT Surf Rescue Boat, Point Judith Breachway
Point Judith Lighthouse. I lived at the Station on the 3rd Floor. My view was of the light house

USCGC Washington (WPB 1331)  Honolulu Hawaii (1992-96)
Washington is 110 Feet. Island Class Patrol Boat

Coast Guard Station Lake Tahoe, California (1996-1999)

USCG Group San Francisco

On watch in Operation Center as a Search & Rescue Controller

HH-65 at Group San Francisco on Yerba Buena Island

USCGC Point Brower, San Francisco

USCGC Morgenthau

Bering Sea
South China Sea

Sunrise off Costa Rica East Pacific

Sector Southeastern New England, Woods Hole MA

CG Station Brant Point
Woods Hole Coast Guard Base and all of Woods Hole
Eel Pond Woods Hole, Can you see Christa?

Giving my Speech

20 Years In a Blink!