Thursday, September 17, 2009

A Keynote Presentation/A Story

On Assignment in Williamstown Ma

I've been utilizing my time boning up on my technical skills in preparation for entering school in a year. So in that vain, I put together this presentation. Enjoy!

Capt Chris

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Test Video for the 5th Generation iPod Nano

Th Fall-The Itch

On Assignment Williamstown Ma

Fall in the northeast of the United States is upon us. The trees are changing colors with each passing moment, the nights are chilly and the days are being brisk. The sequence of pictures is of Williamstown Mass, the beautiful small town I've been lounging in for the past couple of months. I took these photo's on my daily trip into the center of town. I drive through the center of a valley, along a stream that winds its way to god knows where.

I also have the joy of running throughout the country roads of the Berkshires. But the itch has arrived and I'm ramping up to scratch said itch. What am I talking about?

Well, when I left Grenada in early July I was good and ready to take a break from boat life. I had sickened of the routine and longed to go home. But the other day I surfed on over to Adamo's blog to do some research on routing back to America as Mike, Sue and Phillip had done the jaunt last year. Well I started to get all kinds of excited about the prospect of returning to Christa and making her sing.

So my flight back to Grenada remains at October 26th. I've started ordering some parts and focusing on my plan for returning. I have a some projects to complete in Grenada before I can splash Christa. A number one is the replacement of at least the two upper shroud chainplates that I fear may be weak. All six chainplates need replacing and I've ordered custom fabricated chainplates. But the difficulty of accessing the 4 lower shroud chainplate backing bolts make replacement of those much more difficult. I will defer the lowers until I get to Naples. If the upper chainplates were to giveway the whole mast would tumble. If I lose one of the lowers, I don't think the mast would tumble, especially since I have running backstays. So that is my rational and I'm sticking to it!

I still am marveling at the lack of hurricane activity in the Atlantic. I guess I picked the wrong year to hunker down in Puerto Rico. Should have swapped years! But that would require peering into the future, which to my knowledge no one has been able to do.

Capt Chris

Monday, September 14, 2009

5th Generation iPod

Currently on Assignment in Williamstown MA

I am a diciple of Apple products. Each time I make an informal comparision to another like product, the other like product invariably comes up short. Most of the time far short. The only exception to this being I chose a Blackberry over the iPhone, but part of this was due to my revulvsion for AT&T. AT&T cannot support the capabilities of the iPhone. But that is another story. Example #2 is my recent 30 trial of Apple iWorks09 which is Apple's run at Microsoft Office. I have to say, again it is superior. Since I'm entering school in a year, I've been making an effort to brush up on my technology skills, which will be critical to my success as a student. I also purchased Snow Lepard the latest MAC OS X operating system. Innovative and lightening fast. Each time I try another Apple product I'm pretty much dazzled.

So when Apple unveiled the latest iPod Nano, I convulsed and bought. From the sailing point of view, the gizmo now can shoot video which will be very convienent to point and shoot with a moments notice. But another, perhaps most important thing for me is it now has an FM radio. Why would I be excited? Well since I also love my Sirius Sat Radio, which has an FM transmitter, I can now tune up the iPod to 88.1 FM and listen to Sirius via the iPod. On Christa I have an iPod docking station made by Bose, so now I don't have to have speaker wire connected to the docking station. I can now lay down up on the bow with iPod headphones on and listen to Sirius Radio. Jazzed? You bet!

Capt Chris

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