Friday, January 8, 2010

Crisp but Beautiful

Moored Naples Florida

The chilly grip of Mother Nature abated slightly over the passed 24 hours, but another front will cause temps to dip this weekend. Just this morning I stuck my head out the hatch just after sunrise to greet the day. It was so beautiful I snapped this picture to prove it.

 Occasionally I change the picture atop the blog. This latest picture was my last sunset observed sailing north. I landed in Naples the very next morning. It was a bit cold, but the colors were different than what you normally see further south. I like the picture, hope you do to.

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Capt Chris

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Shot Video Clip from St Thomas USVI

Moored at the dock, Naples Florida
Partly cloudy, maybe 40 degree's

I shot a fair amount of video clips this passed fall while northbound from Grenada. I've started to put together the smaller clips and post them on My Youtube Channel. And here is a clip from Honeymoon Beach.

Capt Chris

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Today's Picture

Moored Naples Florida
It's Cold! 56 with a biting north wind

I know all the norther folks just can't come to grips when someone in Florida says, "man it's cold." But it is! Tonight in Naples the predicted low is 34 degree's. BURRRRR...SHIVER SHIVER. But aboard the Christa, we are well used to cold weather after grunting through two winters on Cape Cod.  I have this little electric space heater that keeps things nice and toasty aboard ship. The advantage of having such a small vessel is it's easy to heat. I can claim it is cold here in Florida, because when it gets as cold as it is up north, that really is no longer a cold, it is plain bitter. So up north bitter, down south cold. Fair enough?

I took this picture just the other day while peddling to work. I find the canals very charming. And love the fact I'm living on one. Life is stellar and look forwarding to sustaining the trend.


Capt Chris