Saturday, January 4, 2014

2014 New Beginnings

Summerfield Florida

As the saying goes each passing moment is another chance to turn it all around. But who says we're so far afield that we need such drastic course changes?

I am a goal setter by nature and am always looking for ways to fine tune my goals. I love the concept of life management. Now I've stumbled upon some great concepts that I'm grappling with. Many of the different fields of philosophy, self-help, task management, leadership studies, management ect. all have significant cross-over and commonalities. It really does boil down to semantics. 

This year I've set an intention versus a resolution. Very yogic of me indeed.

The Sanskrit word Sankalpa means 'resolve' or 'resolution' with a yogic twist. The term acknowledges that designer of a life is the mind, and to get a handle on a goal, resolution or an intention one must discipline the mind. It is about a larger arc of life. We don't really need to bring things into our life as all that we require really resides within ourselves. Thus we tap into the mind and call forth prana and direct said life force. 

What I love about this concept is that it is anathema to multi-tasking which I struggle with mightily. It's just fine though, as struggle and problems is what teaches. There is no such  thing as perfection, only perfect effort. In my yoga classes I love to say that we are practicing yoga, this is not yoga perfect. 

Another concept I intend to work on this year is what the Navy SEALS call Front Sight Focus. This term describes the incredible concentration, the single-minded focus a team displays when dispatching a target. These incredible men are aware of what is happening around them, but there objective never leaves the front sight. BOOM!

I hope to apply these concepts to drive my business life, yogic life, love life to achieve self-mastery. 

Christian Allaire