Saturday, January 23, 2010

Christa Bashes to Windward/Some History

Moored Naples FloriidaThis is an article that I penned for Latitude38 and was published a few months ago. It provides some history for newer readers of the blog. Plus I'm testing out the very cool Scibe technology. Latitude 38

What is Scribd? Click here. The iPaper document reader is very cool.

Received my Florida plate yesterday for the Green Hornet. I've held plates in Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Washington State, California, Hawaii and now Florida.

Capt Chris

PS: Still working on a new article for Latitude38. A reflection on why I cut short my trip. And I'm putting on the finishing touches of my 2009 Year in Review Video.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Sitting On the Dock of the Bay.....Or Canal

Moored Naples Florida. Doing?
Working@ Ridgeway Bar & Grill
Moving to California in May. Why? Click Here

 Watching the tide roll away. No, not really. More like watching the Mexican lawn crews assault yards with leaf blowers and hedge trimmers.  On my first morning here in Naples, I was so excited to plop myself in the dock chair, coffee in hand and enjoy the magnificent surroundings. But the noise was deafening. Not all mornings constitute lawn care hell, but most of the time some one is running a machine.

 But I have discovered in the afternoon the suburban quiet I envisioned. Today, I basked in the 80 degree temperature in the afternoon after a strenuous yoga class, strumming my newly acquired Taylor six string.  No smell of shrimp beginning boil though, but I may be beginning to bald like brother Jimmy.

It was a real pleasure. In fact Naples is a real pleasure. I am very content. I really should have been doing boat projects, which I have been slacking on. I have a new main halyard that needs to be spliced and a jug of diesel that needs to be filtered and poured into the fuel tanks. I am horribly behind on other projects and my correspondence.

 But I could just not resist an hour or so of strumming in the sun. In fact I was so happy post-strumming that I went to and ordered a new Road Bike. Next thing you know I'll be taking pictures of my veiney legs, Lance style. Share the road would ya?

Capt Chris

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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Been A Busy Weekend

Moored Naples Florida
Sunny, 70's, Beautiful Weather

Janina and I had a fantastic time, despite the fact I had to work the nights she stayed. We were undeterred. Janina hooked up with my Friends Mike&Amy while I was working and headed out to Harry's on 3rd. Any open air bar and restaurant with a DJ and proceeded to get down for a boogie. I got off work around 10pm and very uncharacteristic of me, I shifted canvas and met up with the party crowd. Then I got down for a boogie with the good people of Naples. I hadn't danced in a long time, something I love to do. Of course going to bed after 1 am, set me back the next day.

But we decided to head on down to Marco Island, only about 15 miles to the south of Naples. It seemed to be a pretty cool place and different in the sense that it has high rises lining the beach, where Naples has $50 million dollar mansions strung out along the shore line. We didn't spend much time exploring because I kind of petered out. We headed back to Naples so I could nap before work. Mission accomplished.

Yesterday, we lite out mid morning for some vittles at a breakfast joint not far from Christa and stumbled upon the Saturday morning street market. They close off 3rd, and the organic growing crowd comes in with their wares and set up tents and booths. Should be a perfect place for me to get fresh grub for less than the Supermarket.

Capt Chris