Sunday, September 11, 2011

Pearl Jam 20 A Documentry by Cameron Crowe

Glen Ellen, CA

 I was more than a little excited to learn about a project that has been ongoing, and now is complete. I like odd ducks so to speak. Cameron Crowe fits said description nicely. I've been an admirer of his for quite sometime, based upon his remarkable life, and the awesome films he writes and directs. I can hardly believe that Pearl Jam is now over 20 years old. PJ would also fall under the heading of odd duck. Aside from their fantastic music, and singer Eddie Vedder's distinct, almost ethereal voice, I have a bit of a connection to the Grunge scene of Seattle that they emerged from. I joined the U.S. Coast Guard in 1988 and had my first duty station aboard a ship, the Polar Sea, homeported along the Seattle Waterfront. It was a crazy crazy time. Seattle seemed to be exploding with clubs and music. My mates and me were in the thick of it all. About a block from the Coast Guard Base on Alaskan Way was a neighborhood called Pioneer Square. The hood, not surprisingly, was prominently featured in Cameron Crowe's way cool 1991 movie called Singles. It was a real bohemian situation. The movie promo picture below was taken in Pioneer Square. My shipmates and I would pay a 5 dollar cover charge and have access to about 10 clubs within the square. Bands like Mother Love Bone, and the folks from Soundgarden would play along with old school jazz and blues bands. Vedder and company along with Nirvana jammed at these clubs during this stretch of time.

10 Years Seems Like Yesterday

Glen Ellen, California 

These are tough to watch. I had just woken up aboard Christa in Sausalito California on the morning of 9/11. It also was a gorgeous picture perfect day out west. I was pretty stunned. I went up to Cafe Trieste had some coffee and watched the big screen TV with the water front crowd. I was scheduled for my normal watch that evening in the command center at the Coast Guard Base on Yerba Buena Island. I knew things would be very different, and the course of my career would change. It did.