Friday, January 15, 2010

Janina's Aboard for a Visit

Moored to the Dock, Naples Florida

Well Janina made the journey south to Naples from her base of operations in Clermont Florida. It still is early and were trying to shape a plan. As you know, I'm a new car owner, and thus have not had the chance to strike out and explore locally. Today is a fine day to she what is what and who is who. As a working man now, time is a bit limited but no excuse to go out and have some fun. Weather is much improved, today should be sunny in the upper 70's. Beautiful! More later.

Capt Chris

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Taking a Bite Out of the Anchor

Current location is central Florida, at my parents hacienda

I don't know the exact definition or origin of the term "swallow the anchor" but, here is my working definition. Maybe an example would be better. In any marina you'll find a starry eye'd new boat owner prepping and dreaming of fair away exotic locations and the dream of oceanic horizons. Over a period of time, the full definition of BOAT (break out another thousand) starts to sink in and the strain of digging up deep roots starts to weigh. Suddenly storm clouds start to appear on that oceanic horizon. Many times, a wife will start out being supportive, but then realize the irrationality that grips men with boats. Suddenly all weekends are consumed by boat related activities, weekday evenings are spent perusing World Cruising Routes and cataloging years worth of Cruising World. At some point support turns to concern, concern turns to strife and pretty soon a For Sale sign is hung from the bow pulpit. Then someone like me will stride on by and say "Well looks like Jim swallowed the anchor." Get it?

Swallowing the anchor can take many forms. When someone comes home from sea, sells the boat or eases into the life of a land lubber, your getting close to digesting a Danforth. Now take my new (to me) car. This is a sure sign of dust and dirt versus sea salt starting to cling to me. I have not swallowed the anchor yet, but I took a bite out of it. This is fine and on the agenda. At some point all sailors swallow the anchor, but the encouraging thing for me is, I am young enough to yak that anchor back up and head to sea again.

So, I have a special shout out to my dad who did all the leg work for me. Just kind of unfolded this way. I am now the proud owner of a green 2001 Honda Accord with 64,500 miles. Beautiful. I've named it the "Green Manalishi (with the two-pronged-crown)" which is a cultural reference. I have a penchant for naming things, such as my Honda generator is "Big Red" and my old Nissan truck was named the "Silver Bullet." As an aside, I learned yesterday that the "Silver Bullet" has now been re-named the "Puddle Jumper." I have no beef.

I rented a car yesterday and made the four hour drive to my parents house to pick up my car and visit for a day or two. Back to work for me on Wednesday evening followed by a visit from the lovely Janina on Thursday. And according the weather folks the temperatures in Naples will be back in the high 70's by weeks end. Should be a great week indeed.

In the HD video department I am working on a 2009 Video compilation. But this time, I am learning how to create the video soundtrack in Apple Garageband software. The learning curve is a bit steep and it will take time to learn the program. This is another fine example of how starting a sail blog has lead me to develop interests and enthusiasm in unrelated topics. That's how I roll.

Capt Chris

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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Unedited Video I shot while in Luperon Dominican Republic

Moored Naples Florida
Weather is really cold, below freezing this morning

Enjoy the video. I continue to compile pictures and video from this passed falls sail north. Don't forget to surf on over to My Youtube Channel where I now have 70 videos.

Occasionally I change the picture atop the blog. This latest picture was my last sunset observed sailing north. I landed in Naples the very next morning. It was a bit cold, but the colors were different than what you normally see further south. I like the picture, hope you do to.

Please don't forget to check out my picture in Picasa and to keep up with the latest word you can sign up with the RSS feed. I use Google Reader and love that I can aggregate in one spot all the websites I check out on a regular basis. A real time saver.

Capt Chris