Friday, December 10, 2010

American Exceptionalism and the Bush Doctrine

San Rafael, California

Below is my last paper I will turn in this semester. Yup, my first semester is closing out. I generally avoid politics or any other type of controversial topic on the blog. Chances are high of isolating about half the blog readers in a flash. This paper is on a controversial topic, but one that I'm surprised that more people are not conversant in. So, the hell with it! I post it anyway.

Can't Claim Photo Credit on This One
American Exceptionalism and the Bush Doctrine Personal Reflection Essay Foundations Final

Capt Chris, Student

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More on Digital Photography

San Rafael, California

 My interest in photography actually goes way back to when I was very young. My pop bought me a Vivitar 35MM camera as a wee lad.  I remember my photography class in 7th grade at General Wayne Middle School, named after "Mad Anthony Wayne" the famous Revolutionary General. We took pictures and developed them old school style with the photo paper and all the chemicals in the dark room. It was really cool. The self portrait I did still hangs in my parents house in Florida.

I am disappointed with myself that I didn't take photography in terms of my sailing voyage more seriously. I took many pictures no doubt, but I didn't upgrade my camera until half way through the trip. I just could have done a better job that's all.

Trying to navigate the college school system and figuring out which classes satisfies my degree plan is not easy by any stretch. Dominican offers so much flexibility in terms of degree composition it actually creates a risk of taking the wrong course work. Outside of the fact one class costs about $2500 bucks, it is possible to merrily be studying away, only to learn a month or two before graduation, that your short 18 credits because you took the wrong courses. Even worse, it is so confusing, that much of the faculty can't navigate the system easily, and end up providing bad advice to the student. I'm very lucky to have the Chair of the Humanities Department, Prof Stelmach as an advisor. He's been around the horn.

My whole point with this diatribe is that I learned that Introduction to Digital Photography satisfies my creative arts requirement. Jazzed. Way Jazzed. Below is the course description.

Shot with my iPhon4 @night

I've struggled a bit about what to do with this blog. I've considered shutting it down as the original intent was sailing oriented. But I've decided to just keep on rolling as I keep on rolling. It is a wonderful archive. With my digital photography class coming on next semester, all hands can expect a ton of pictures to be posted. So maybe the blog will become more like a PhotoBlog.

Rookie photographers may learn something as I learn and post stuff. Stay tuned! Below are some recent images added to my iPhoto collection.

Canon G11 in Panorama Mode. Shot December 2010

iPhone4 using Hipsmatic App
Canon G11 @ GG Bridge Overlook

iPhone4 using Hipsmatic App. That's Charlie
Circa 1999. California Highway 466 where James Dean died in 1955
November 2010

Capt Chris....ashore smooth

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Today's Photo's

Marin County, California

I couldn't resist pulling over after crossing the Golden Gate Bridge today, and taking some pictures. It was so beautiful.