Friday, August 14, 2009

Just Livin....but Livin Well

On Assignment in the United States
Williamstown Ma

I've surely fallen behind in my documentation project. So many adventures have occurred since I departed my sister's house nearly two weeks ago. I spent a full week in NYC visiting my brother, sister in law and niece Annie. I then headed north aboard Amtrak to upstate NY, near the Finger Lakes, to spend four days with Brad Finegan, a childhood buddy of mine. An adventure worthy of blogging about in it's own right. So much to write about and I don't believe I'll report chronologically, nor pack all into one post.

First off, lets check in with my borrowed ride. The use of the Hummer has been a pleasant surprise. Lets not forget that for more than a year I have pretty much gone without such controversial conveniences such as a vehicle. Although now that I think about it, I did have the car while in Puerto Rico last summer. But my friends Amy and Mike are generous in the extreme, and so is my buddy John for that matter. But they have loaned me the use of the H1 during my two month plus stay here in the Berkshires of Massachusetts.

I've really got it made. I'm staying in a beautiful guest house, deep in the woods, with all the critters of nature. The nights are cool and the mountains silent. While dining in the evening on the deck we've seen a momma bear and her cub twice, cautiously stroll into a field foraging. It's amazing to watch through the spotting scope perched on a tri-pod. Wait there is more.

I am in yoga ville. I was pressed into yoga last summer while visiting here in the Berkshires and loved it. Surely this is one of the best side benefits of being retired. I've gone three times since arrival and one of those days was a full 3 hour session. It is a crushingly good work out. Amazingly enough, I can already see the post 40 bod transforming. Two months at 3 times per week, coupled with my running regime should whoop me right into shape.

As I mentioned before, I should be here in Mass until mid October. I'm still shaping up what a daily routine may look like for the kid, aside from the yoga. I hope to help out my friends in anyway I can to pay back the generosity. This weekend I'm baby sitting for John. He has a 115LBS black lab named Brick. Brick is a little more than a year old and has more energy than a hydrogen bomb. When he steps on your foot, you know it. Last night I had to put him in his cage for management purposes. That drooping face as seen through the cage nearly killed me. If Brick wasn't a dog, I'd say he's the man.

Please check my Picas Photo album as I am updating as I go along. I apologize to the folks who have been following the blog for the sailing aspect. What can I say, this is my life and I always adjust as necessary.


Capt Chris

PS: I still check in with the National Hurricane Center homepage several times a day. But now I just get off that I'm not in the path of the yellow blobs of doom!