Saturday, July 10, 2010

What Motivates?

Typing to you from sunny California

Just recently I wrote about a philosophical topic regarding my wrestling with curriculum choice for college starting in August. You can read that engaging post by clicking here. The topic of what motivates me now compared to what use to motivate has occupied much grey matter as of late. This fall I will be required to write a longish essay, 20 pages give or take on a topic of my choice, but must contain some aspects of moral/ethics or other philosophy nuggets. I've been spending my afternoons in the library thinking and sketchy many things, among those things is narrowing down an essay proposal to my academic adviser. During my research I stumbled upon this very cool video. It contains some interesting information about motivation, but more so the video presentation is what really captured me. As many know I've taken an interest in video and video editing. In fact I've had a fantasy of making a documentary as my senior project down the road. A little premature on that. But it's a thought.

The video gave me a little perspective on my thirst for monetary rewards taking a back seat to other interests. I can't say I endorse everything contained in the video, for the simple reason that I haven't researched or thought out the counter arguments. I just like the video and thought I'd post it.

Capt Chris

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The BUMS Have Bought Another Boat!

Currently preparing for college In California
Weather is brilliant sunshine, 80 degree's in Marin County

Most bloggers are avid blog readers. I'm no different. In my opinion the true pioneers in the adventuring blogging business have been Pat and Ali from Bumfuzzle. What an inspiration. I have been following them since inception in 2003. While that is only 7 years, as far I'm concerned it is a life-time. I've noted before that there is a high atrophy rate in the blogosphere. It simply takes alot of effort to blog several times a week. After awhile people plum run out of fresh ideas.

Bumfuzzle is rarely if ever short of things to write about. They sailed around the planet at break neck speed, raced a 1965 Porsche across god knows where and then spent two years and 28 countries in a 58 VW Bus.

Then Ali got preggers and so they moved to Mexico and had a little daughter. Now I'm happy to pass along that they bought another boat and will taking to sea again.

I've never met the Bums but am fans none the less. Their website is a cut above, Pat's writing is awesome and the photography is stellar too. So good luck to Pat and Ali from Bumfuzzle!

Capt Chris

Friday, July 9, 2010

Levi Leipheimer GranFondo Cycling Event

Dominican University of California Library

This past February I wrote a blog entry announcing my intention to ride in a big ole cycling event held in Santa Rosa California. You can read that blog entry by clicking here. Over the past week or two I've been taking the road bike to Mill Valley and riding trails leading across the Golden Gate Bridge. Not easy cycling with the constant breeze and remarkably chilly temps on the bridge. But yesterday I was a bit humbled as I road a small portion of the course for the GranFondo. Below is the map of the 65 mile route I will be riding come October 9th 2010.

View GranFondo Medio Cycle Route in a larger map

The beauty is an incredible treat. I am new to cycling and what I found difficult, aside from the killer hills to climb is the simple pounding on the body. The tires are inflated to 130psi and the frame is stiff. Some portions of the road are smooth and others not so smooth. It now is a process of getting my body used to being on a bike for extended periods and then increasing my endurance to go the distance.

I'm pretty excited about my first event in October. I've never cycled in a crowd and certainly not 65 miles. The guy who organizes the whole shebang is Levi Leipeimer, who hails from Santa Rosa and is a big deal in the cycling world. He is Lance Armstrong's right hand man at this years Tour de France and is a very accomplished rider.

I didn't bring my camera on yesterday's ride as I haven't figured out how to carry the dern thang when riding. So I pulled the following pictures off the Internet of the cycling route. Stand by to be jealous because yesterday's ride looked just like these pictures!


Capt Chris

Monday, July 5, 2010

Recent Trip to Sonoma

San Rafael Yacht Harbor, Marin County California

I recently slipped north to my little diamond in the rough located in Glen Ellen to re-sign my renters for a few more months. It really is a beautiful part of our country. Here are some pictures of the surrounding countryside.

Capt Chris