Saturday, July 10, 2010

The BUMS Have Bought Another Boat!

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Most bloggers are avid blog readers. I'm no different. In my opinion the true pioneers in the adventuring blogging business have been Pat and Ali from Bumfuzzle. What an inspiration. I have been following them since inception in 2003. While that is only 7 years, as far I'm concerned it is a life-time. I've noted before that there is a high atrophy rate in the blogosphere. It simply takes alot of effort to blog several times a week. After awhile people plum run out of fresh ideas.

Bumfuzzle is rarely if ever short of things to write about. They sailed around the planet at break neck speed, raced a 1965 Porsche across god knows where and then spent two years and 28 countries in a 58 VW Bus.

Then Ali got preggers and so they moved to Mexico and had a little daughter. Now I'm happy to pass along that they bought another boat and will taking to sea again.

I've never met the Bums but am fans none the less. Their website is a cut above, Pat's writing is awesome and the photography is stellar too. So good luck to Pat and Ali from Bumfuzzle!

Capt Chris

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Lynn L. said...

I hope you're able to meet up with them on their
way down to the bay area. How cool!