Saturday, September 28, 2013

Puerta Vallarta Mexico Visit

Puerta Vallarta Mexico

My girlfriend and I jumped aboard a plane and headed to Mexico to rest and celebrate a birthday. Mexico has such charm to it ALL deriving from the gracious nature of its people. They honestly enjoy presenting an experience.

Of course a trip to Mexico presents a opportunity to work on my photography skills. I present some of my photos!

And there you have it......a little slice of Mexico from the lens of Christian Allaire!

Capt C

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Christian Allaire is Selling his Beloved Christa

San Anselmo, CA

My odyssey years are truly coming to an end....well maybe not coming to an end....the wanderlust is simply latent. I'm so happy and content in my life here in Marin County California. Click on the hyper-link and read a great article from the'll start to understand why I've decided to grow my roots. I am awfully grateful for my time aboard Christa, the incredible experiences, character building and deep satisfaction I feel when I take a look at my video's on Youtube.

I am convinced that my sea going days are not over. I'm still a young man at 46 years old with plenty of wind left to sail.

At the dock In San Rafael August 2013
Christa is a terrific boat that does need some TLC....nearly all electrical as I am the worst electrician....not patience to string cable correctly. Sigh. But she will make someone a very happy boat owner. Click on the above image and contact Bob, or contact myself. 

Fair Winds,

Capt C