Saturday, March 30, 2013

March 30th, 2013
San Anselmo, California

Christa in her slip San Rafael CA
It is true that I still own Christa, and it is true that she is up for sale. Since I returned to California in 2010 I've not sailed her....not once. Weird huh? For some reason I simply lost my desire to sail. Kind of a "been there done that" type of feeling. So here I am 2 plus years later, and I've had some inner rumblings starting to manifest desiring an adventure. However, the amount of effort and expense to go cruising again just stop me in my tracks. I can say I will go sailing again one day, just not aboard Christa. Right now I am laser focused on building my mortgage loan business and continuing to practice yoga. 


Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The Kid....February 2013

San Anselmo, California

I suppose I needed a break from blogging during my time in college. The demands of writing to earn my humanities degree was extreme. So, I simply stopped blogging. I graduated in May of 2012 and now I find myself 10 months post graduation in a position to start again. Wahoo!

This begs the question as to what I begin to write about. My life has changed so drastically since I first started my blog on sailblogs in the spring of 2007. Truthfully, I'm a little confused as to whether I abandon this blog, let it sit amongst the inner webs or start a new project all together. This question is one of the reason I've not begun blogging again. So I've decided that starting a new blog would be a royal pain in the ass. Thus I will just start to write again, post pictures and write about my life. And that is all!

If you were a loyal follower of my blog and found yourself bummed out I just stopped blogging, I'm sorry about that. Things get busy!

Capt Chris