Monday, November 29, 2010

Aristotle's Ethics Applied

Dominican University of California
San Rafael California

Thanksgiving 2010 in San Mateo California

An area of substantial interest for me has been Aristotle. He was a very smart guy. At the beginning of the semester I was stressed about the amount of work on had ahead of me. Go figure. I postured in such a way that I could research a topic (Aristotle's conception of happiness) and use the research in two separate classes. Well it worked. Below is a paper I wrote about Aristotle's ethics and how it applies to my personal life. Surely not a sailing topic, but Aristotle had a great impact on how I viewed cruising on a sailboat. Life will be joyless without friends and/or family regardless of any other circumstance. Maybe this is why I'm more content not sailing and why I enjoyed Thanksgiving so much. Read onward please!

Aristotle's Ethics

Mark & Stacie

Capt a chilly California