Friday, March 12, 2010

Draft Article I Penned for Latitude38

Living Aboard Christa in Naples Florida

I am just putting the finishing touches on this article before submission to Latitude38, an excellent west coast sailing rag. This article gives the fullest explanation as to why I've cut short my intended circumnavigation. I would appreciate any feed back. Thanks!

Giving Up or a Sabbatical Draft1-1                                                            

Capt Chris

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Blooming Interest in Photography and Video

Moored Naples Florida

 I just love getting swept up into a new activity. I regret not investing earlier in a higher end digital camera before I went sailing in 2007. The Fuji-Fine pics I used was adequate, but compared to the Canon G11 it is lackluster. The Canon is a complex piece of equipment that takes some study. It's common sense, that in order to take pictures you must have your camera with you. It is a bummer that I'm working so much and have less of a chance to take pictures and or write blog entries. But today, Tuesday is my only day off, and while driving to get some dinner, I noticed the sun was setting and thought why don't I take a swing to the beach. Of course I had my Canon G11 and tri-pod in the trunk of the Green Hornet. Turned out to be a really nice evening along the Gulf of Mexico. And now I share some of my pictures with you.