Saturday, November 20, 2010

Art Project Update

San Rafael, CA

I was required to send four digital photo's to my art professor. The task parameters were a portrait, not showing the subjects face, that should tell a story of the subject. So I enlisted my yoga instructor and she graciously let me photograph her. So I snapped a ton of really great pictures of her, with all the "shadows" and "values" and what not. They really turned out great. As an after thought, I enlisted another student to snap some pictures of both Wendy and I. I submitted the pictures and the professor, much to my shock choose the bottom picture. I thought first sure the others were of much better quality. Well, what do I know, apparently the shot of Wendy and I in handstands happen to fit the process much better than the other pictures I submitted.

Here is how I "made" the bottom prints. The professor takes the digital picture and transfers an 8x10 onto an actual old school piece of film. I then transferred the image from the film onto a piece of cooper that has film emulsions on it via this gizmo that beams high intensity blue light onto the cooper. Then I gingerly did a bunch of rubbing and drying of the cooper and coxed out the image. Next step was to roll ink onto the cooper, then again gingerly rub off excess ink to bring out the image. Lastly the inked piece of cooper is placed face down on a thick piece rice paper, then rolled through this gizmo in the shop, basically two metal rollers. Waaalaaa! Now you have the inked image on the rice paper. Very cool! I'm getting my art on. The one below left I did in black ink and the second I did in purple ink. We will do a total of eight prints, so I will now will get as creative as possible and mix up some colors. Pretty cool stuff. I've never been much of an artist. I've always thought it is an innate talent, but like everything else in this world with some instruction and lots of practice one can become good.

Below is a picture I took of Mount Tamalpais looking northwest into Mill Valley, California. There are a few things I dislike about California. The politics and the taxation of this state is over the top in my view. However, the sheer beauty of the Golden State helps me to blunt my irritation when it arises. I am a real creature of routine and stick with said routine until the routine becomes way to routine. Then I shake things up, establish a new routine and ride that wave until the cycle needs repeating. Routine for me is good. In fact, while writing a paper recently about my life I flushed out this pearl of wisdom regarding my sailing voyage. I figured out that the military life provided such sound structure and routine (which became overbearing and extreme for me) that when I went sailing the loss of routine and structure was unsettling leading to unhappiness. In other words, as Latitude38 pointed out, total freedom for me was disorienting. I'm no longer disoriented.

I took the picture below because the Mount Tam dominates the San Francisco Bay Area landscape for a great distance. In fact some of the best views of Mt Tam can be seen from east bay over at UC Berkeley. I see it just about all day, and my eye is constantly drawn to it, kind of like how the Pitons of St. Lucia dominate. I also took it because I journey to Mill Valley just about everyday to take my yoga class at Red Dragon Yoga. This is part and parcel to my routine that provides the stability I seem to require at this juncture of my life.

Remember I'm a philosophy student now, thus I have deep thoughts routinely.

Capt Chris

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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Dominican Spring Course Work Schedule

Guzman Hall

 I successfully registered for next semesters classes. This semester has been heavy in the writing department. Next semester will be heavy duty in the reading department. Below is my schedule cut and pasted write out of the Dominican computer system.

A few exciting things. First off, my Philosophy of Nature class is being taught by a visiting Fulbright Scholar. This is a big deal, and I'm really jazzed and a bit nervous. Then I'm taking the Great BooksHarlan Stelmach. Again, I'm jazzed by this course, but the amount of reading will be significant. Click on the above link to learn about the Great Books movement. I've been able to finagle myself into an Introduction to Digital Photography course. This class meets twice a week for six hours per week. Thus, I will get a through education in photography. So the kids pretty excited about next semester!
Humanities Seminar taught by my academic advisor


Student Schedule 

Traditional 2011/Spring/A
Registered Courses
ART 2117/Art Studio/1 - Beginning Digital Photography Duration 1/19/2011 - 5/11/2011
Credits 3.00   Type Letter CEUs 0.00
Schedule MW 9:25 AM - 12:05 PM;  Dominican University, Library, Room 211
Instructors Mr. Rod Laursen

HUM 4930/Lecture/1 - Humanities Seminar Duration 1/24/2011 - 5/9/2011
Credits 3.00   Type Letter CEUs 0.00
Schedule M 8:00 PM - 10:00 PM;  Dominican University, , Room
Instructors Dr. Harlan Stelmach

PHIL 3104/Lecture/1 - PW: Philosophy of Human Nature Duration 1/19/2011 - 5/11/2011
Credits 3.00   Type Letter CEUs 0.00
Schedule W 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM;  Dominican University, , Room
Instructors Dr. Alma S. Espartinez Ph.D.

World Religions Duration 1/20/2011 - 5/5/2011
Credits 3.00   Type Letter CEUs 0.00
Schedule R 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM;  Dominican University, , Room
Instructors Ms. Kerri A. Kor

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Digital Photos For Art Class

San Rafael California

 One of my classes this semester is a printmaking class. I've never really been into art, but think the more training you receive the more one appreciates art. In other words, it really doesn't come naturally. I've had to exert a lot of effort in drawing and then printing my assignments. This week our charge is to submit four digital pictures of a portrait situation that tells a story about the subject. We're then going to imprint the picture onto a cooper plate, and then do some kind of a fancy are thing. Things are a little unclear at this point.

 As some may know yoga as become a large part of my life. I'm going to class about six days a week now. To say that I feel healthy is an understate. I thought maybe some yoga shots would be cool for my art project, and thus I asked one of my yoga instructors if she'd let me snap some pictures. They turned out really really awesome. She rather remain anonymous and so I won't show any of her face. Check em out!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Movie Trailer For School

San Rafael California

I have to give a presentation this week in my Foundations of Adult Learning class, which is a study of American culture. My topic is Aristotle's ethics applied to my sailing voyage not completed. So at the end of my Power Point I'm going to show this little clip I put together. None of my fellow students have a clue about my sailing life.

Capt Chris