Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Grenada To Port

Anchored in the lagoon St George Harbor
Island of Grenada

I snapped this digital picture as I was approaching the north coast of Grenada. The island is called Diamond Island. Not long after, the seas became much more turbulent, stacked up and generally chaotic. Turns out I was sailing right over an underwater volcano known of Kickem Jenny. Christa was like a washing machine for a good while.

My original intent upon leaving Carriacou was to sail straight south and make for the eastern or windward side of Grenada and anchor in St Davids on the south coast. Well conditions dictated something else. The wind was south of east at 15 to 20 which theoretically should have been a close reach; manageable under normal 15 to 20 knots. The conditions were anything but normal. On the southern side of Carriacou and the northern coast of Grenada, peppered everywhere lay volcanic rocks jutting up from the earth's mantle. All kinds of heinous current, refracted waves and generally uncomfortable conditions churn between the twenty mile stretch of water between.
I bugged out from Carriacou yesterday morning bright and early. For the first two hours Christa and I struggled to make way to windward, but were just in the grips of the aforementioned elements. To hell with this we said and eased the sheets and made for the leeward side of Grenada. The reason why we would want to sail the windward vice the leeward side you may ask? Well it was to save pain down the road. To get to Christa's haul out spot, we'll need to sail what could be a difficult 7 miles to windward, along the south coast of Grenada. Coming down the windward side would have solved that issue. But I wasn't about to get beat up to ease some future unknown condition. Besides I have until early July to wait for calm conditions to round the south coast and make for St Davids. Also, I would have missed anchoring in St George's Harbor which is about the busiest place I've seen since St Thomas. I might even be able to get a good cup of coffee. But I still awoke to roosters crowing. Some things never change in El Carib.

Capt Chris