Friday, December 10, 2010

American Exceptionalism and the Bush Doctrine

San Rafael, California

Below is my last paper I will turn in this semester. Yup, my first semester is closing out. I generally avoid politics or any other type of controversial topic on the blog. Chances are high of isolating about half the blog readers in a flash. This paper is on a controversial topic, but one that I'm surprised that more people are not conversant in. So, the hell with it! I post it anyway.

Can't Claim Photo Credit on This One
American Exceptionalism and the Bush Doctrine Personal Reflection Essay Foundations Final

Capt Chris, Student

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Anonymous said...

Are you serious? Those 5 "isms" you mention when viewed by the rest of the world are a joke as they relates to American citizens. You people have to be the most sadly brainwashed people on earth. You march to the tune of the president, no matter what. You do as told by your political masters, no matter what. You consider yourselves above the rest of the world. You accept your state's butting into your private affairs in the name of "security". You have allowed the richest people in America to create a class to themselves while pushing the rest of the citizens lower and lower on the economic ladder. Sadly, you fail to see these things. That is tragic and contributes to your country's current fall.

Christian Allaire said...

Did you bother to read the paper? I was pretty clear in asserting the majority of Americans DO Not consider America above anyone else. These "isms" you consider a joke may be viewed as such from across the pond, but so what? Their flawed application is no reason to abandon them. Brainwashed? You've revealed your total misunderstanding of America, and that is tragic. Political masters? See previous sentence. Loss of private freedoms? Maybe, but this paper was on foreign policy, not domestic. Rich getting richer on the backs of the poor? Not. Just because one is getting richer does not presuppose another is becoming more poverty stricken. It is not a reciprocating relationship. The widening wealth gap is a function of poor monetary policy, a progressive tax system instead of a flat tax, and dismal controls like the minimum wage. This is what creates class systems, and besides the poor in America are not that poor, unless you want to compare them to other Americans, instead of ascertaining if there basic needs are met. America may be on the ropes, we've been here before, but it would be a serious mistake to think we can't tack. Thanks for your comments, I welcome them.