Tuesday, January 18, 2011

34th America's Cup Race in San Francisco

San Rafael, California

I was laying in the V-bunks aboard Christa the other night when it occurred to me the monumental nature of the 34th running of the America's Cup being held in San Francisco. Back in the day, I received orders to be stationed in San Francisco against my will. I had no desire to be stationed in the city by the bay. I mistakenly thought it was cold and rainy all the time, and that everyone had to be gay. I was way way askew in my assessment. The first time I walked through Sausalito, California I was floored. Some readers may know I lived aboard in Sausalito for seven years. The nautical heritage of San Francisco is significant, and is one of the huge draws for me to settle back down in the Bay Area. The America's Cup being hosted here in 2013 is just another feather in the cities seafaring cap.

The craziness of these sailing machine's is hard to grasp. Computer technology has pushed the sport into the stratosphere. I will be rooting hard for the American's and can't wait to observe the trials on the bay, the hoopla that the race will bring and of course the race itself will be great. Could be time to get a telephoto lens!

I hope to bring some personal reporting and photographs to the blog as the teams start to buy up pier space along the city waterfront. When things heat up, I'll be on scene. Could be time to join the CG Auxiliary and get more involved.

Blast From the Past

Jolly Harbor, Antigua 2008
Actually, not that much in the past. I just love the picture.


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