Monday, November 22, 2010

School Presentation

San Rafael, CA

Most people dislike presenting in front of a group of people. This includes me. I get nervous sometimes like most people. It is a function of overcoming an internal fear, so when a presentation goes well, it can give one an enormous buzz. Sometimes the heart gets pounding so fast a person runs the risk of hyperventilating. The only thing I've found that mitigates the symptoms of nervousness and assures a good presentation is preparation. You must understand your material, it helps to enjoy the material as this manifests as enthusiasm, but the best chance of success is to practice your delivery. If possible practice in the forum your going to present, this allows one use the minds eye to psyche yourself up. One last key bit of advice is test out your technology and understand the details of what your using. If using a projector, understand the resolution for any graphics embedded in PowerPoint or have the correct adaptors to jack into the system. Technology glitches add addition stress to a situation one is already nervous about. This prevents screaming "Tech Support!!!!!!!!!" just like in the move Vanilla Sky. Click on the link, its actually pretty funny when thinking about your presentation going wrong.

I presented the below PowerPoint last week about Aristotle's Ethics and his concept of eudaimonia. I'm quickly learning that college professors force students to narrow arguments and research. Some topics are so complex, it is really difficult to do justice to the topic. My charge was to deliver my presentation in 10 minutes. I went to 13 minutes. The first slide is the Film Clip I posted in this blog. I couldn't get it to stick in the below PowerPoint. To watch the clip, click here. I think my presentation went very well and I think my fellow students enjoyed learning about me and Aristotle.

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