Thursday, March 4, 2010

Rogue Wave

Moored Naples Florida

A short blurb on the news this morning got my attention. Cruise ships slams into a abnormally high wave killing two passengers. Here is the video clip of the wave.

I have experienced a couple of rouge waves in my life. One of the these waves was snapped in a series of pictures by none other than Tom Larson, formally of Sandpiper and currently of Sadie Sea fame. I had the conn this morning as we were heading out of Kodiak Alaska. The swells were large and well spaced. But we slammed into a doozey. Buried the bow completely, ripped off the ships bell, the original from the 1960's and bent steel stantions. We slowed downed! Keep in mind Morgenthau is 378 feet. Below is the series of pictures. Thanks to Chief Warrant Officer Dave Holder, USCG.

Check it out!

Capt Chris

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