Saturday, March 20, 2010

Pics From the Past

Moored Naples Florida

My buddy Pat Hood unearthed the following pictures from my past life. They brought back an avalanche of memories stored up from my tour in Hawaii. I was stationed aboard USCGC Washington, a 110 foot Patrol Boat. Our beat was the main Hawaiian Islands, but we were deployed for a historic long range trip to the NW Hawaiian Islands including Midway Atoll. We became the first Island Class Patrol Boat to be re-fueled at sea by a Buoy Tender. It was a wonderful trips. We stopped at places that are off limits to humans. It was awesome. So below is a picture of me and Pat. Look how skinny I am!

Me, Pat and Jason Tama, who was a Coast Guard Academy Cadet at the time.

Taking the Sunfish out for a sail in the Midway Lagoon.

Pictures are Cica 1993

Pretty wild stuff. Enjoy

Capt Chris

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