Sunday, May 31, 2009

Another Great Sunset From Grenada

Since arriving here in Grenada the setting sun has put on a show each night. Here is tonight's feature. This was taken from Christa looking west north west. You can see a great fortress on the hill overlooking the Caribbean Sea. Not long after I took this shot a band fired up ashore playing good old American Rock and Roll. Not something you hear much in the island. I sped ashore to see what the hub bub was about. It was the U.S. Air Force Academy Band named "Blue Steel." They are on a public relations tour of the islands. They are a bunch of enlisted folks who do nothing but tour the world in a C-130 and do this type of thing as a full time duty. And people thougt I had it cush in the Coast Guard. In fact they are still jamming as I type. I have a great seat from the deck of the Christa.

Capt Chris

PS: Don't forget you can double click on the image to expand out.

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