Thursday, February 5, 2009

An Oldie But A Goodie

Capt Chris, 80's, winds East 10 to 19 knots, 82 degrees and sunny
02/05/2009, St Thomas USVI

Here is an old shot of Christa rafted to Sandpiper in Horseshoe Cove San Francisco Bay circa 2000. Now many of you know about Tom and Amy aboard Sandpiper from reading there cool blog. Team Sandpiper and Team Christa have some history. Tom and I originally met at the docks pictured here at the Presidio Yacht Club in 1999. Tom was living aboard Sandpiper and I had just bought Christa the year before and moved aboard. Tom and I were basically in the same situation, same age, pretty much same everything. If fact Tom and I had several conversations before it was ever revealed that we were both in the Coast Guard and of the same paygrade and rating! And then a few years down the track we ended up on the same ship, the USCGC Morgenthau , leading two separate divisions but sharing the same stateroom. Crazy coincidence. In the same month, July 2005 Tom retired and I put Christa on a truck and off she went to the east coast via the Rockies. Tom and Amy bailed not long after, headed south to Mexico and then westabout. They are now in the southern Carribean and I am very much looking forward to the reunion. So anyway Tom and I both could write a book about the adventures that took place in that little cove under the Golden Gate Bridge over the years we lived their. Hell maybe some day we will!

Capt Chris

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