Sunday, January 1, 2012

Day One 2012

Glen Ellen, California

Time is such a tricky topic. Philosophers still can't define time's exact nature. We can measure it, track it, but seem to struggle to explain why it speeds up or slows down. Yes yes, tis all in the mind. Another year has slipped on by. 

I found this video below, and thought it looks compelling. The filming is really good capturing well what the sea looks like from the deck of a small boat. I find it interesting that more than a few people in their early 20's who decide to sail on rickety sailboats on a shoestring budget consider entering college or getting a job as "selling out." How did this come to be? If a young person wants to undertake an adventure, that is wonderful. If a young person instead enters college, and subsequently slays in the business world that's great to. Neither is a sell out and each path comes at a personal cost. Off me soap box!

Between Home: Odyssey of an unusual sea bandit - OFFICIAL TRAILER from Jack Rath on Vimeo.

2011 was the year I traded in my boat for my house as permanent living arrangements. That is big news. I lived aboard Christa for 12 years. Spurred by the fact my renters had gutted portions of my house and were growing dope to sell for the medical marijuana industry here in California. Oh, did I mention they failed to pay rent? Last spring was a tough time. I never did write about any of that in this here blog, as the monetary hemorrhage was to grand for me to continue to revisit in blog form. As with most things in life, bad experience illuminates the path to good and renewal. Turns out I love living in a house. Situated in the Sonoma wine country, I've been chipping away at fixing this 1930's ugly home into a small little oasis. I think I'm nesting, readying my life for the moment when a women appears for me to settle with. Here are some random things that occurred in 2011:

I discovered I love to garden. 
I acquired a chicken, and now plan on raising the little critters. 
I became a yoga teacher. Gasp! A Job! 
I built raised garden beds, and began to refurbish an existing one. 
I find AT&T more revolting than ever. 
I installed two bamboo floors. 
I read thousands of pages of text. 
I increased my GPA to 3.94 percent.
Inducted into the Gamma Sigma Honor Society of Dominican University of California. 
Began to write a Memoir. 
Learned a great deal about the Roman Empire. Lessons abound. Wrote numerous essays, totaling hundreds of pages. 
Completed a wonderful internship at a library. 
Helped organize and write a play. 
Basked in the California sunshine. 
Hiked many of California's hills and valley's.
Made new friends, and deepened existing friendships. 

  All in all, I've no complaints concerning my life position. Surely I have disappointments, am left flummoxed with certain things, have real concerns about our counties path, but ultimately am optimistic about my future. My future can substantially be directed by my discipline and effort. Maybe some luck to! Lets all have a great 2012! 

Capt C

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Anonymous said...

A memoir will I be in it? Lord knows there are memories for days & days, missing you terrbily awfullly