Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Faces and Places of Dominican University of California

San Rafael, California
Doing? Squatting@Starbucks
Why? Because I can

Two semesters down, and just two to go until graduation in May of 2012. On target and tracking with a 3.76 GPA. My experience at DUC has been pretty special. Just a quick reminder of why I chose DUC in the first place. While skyping from the St Lucia, trying to figure out what school in the San Francisco Bay area I could attend, I couldn't get any school to pick up the damn phone. UC Berkeley, San Francisco State, UCSF, Santa Clara U, Stanford, Sonoma State, College of Marin; all were embracing voice mail. Then Shannon from Dominican picked-up on the first ring, and my future was set in motion. 

Because of the number of credits that I came in with, and my chosen field of study, philosophy, I had most of my classes with people who were graduating this year. So it was with a heavy heart and excitement that I attended this years commencement exercises. 

I leave you with some random shots of people and places I've come to cherish. Really these shots are my daily life just about these days.

My Humanities Professor in the "Lyceum"

The Lyceum, Shot with my Canon G11, Edited in Aperture 3
Harlan's Office, Canon G11, Edited in Aperture 3
I Arranged Myself Up Front
The Sisters Were Stoked
Kelly, April, Erin, and Jana
Mercy, Amiya and Jessica
Martin and progeny
Lovely Colette
My English Professor Bobby, and Amiya

Yup, I'm a lucky guy!

Captain Chris

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