Sunday, March 27, 2011

Neck Deep in Life

San Rafael, CA
Aboard Christa

 It has been nearly two months since my last blog entry. Why? Sometimes life's demands swallow up all one's times. Priorities must but be prioritized. I decided to shed the personal demand I feel to post on a regular basis. This have not eased up, in fact, my work load is about at its most demanding. However, I did want to check in. I've not abandoned ship.

Shot at Dominican University of California with my Canon G11

What I am abandoning at the end of March is San Rafael Yacht Harbor. I'm moving Christa to another yacht harbor close by. Reason for moving are many. I'll refrain from expanding on those reasons until I've actually bugged out.

My school work is going wonderfully. It has been challenging no doubt. The shear amount of reading each week can be overwhelming. Last semester was all about writing, and this semester is heavy heavy reading, for both the humanities, philosophy and religion. I am learning so much.

Shot with the Canon G11
I've also been plugging away two days a week in my Digital Photography class. I have to say I've been disappointed with the class. The class really is not about digital image creation with a camera, it is much more focused on Photoshop. Which is fine I suppose, it is a skill I'd like to develop, but just not what I had expected.

A brief post just to say hello.


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