Sunday, July 25, 2010

Shipmate Janina On a Great Adventure

Marina Side San Rafael Yacht Harbor

Our good friend Janina is aboard a U.S Navy Helicopter carrier, the USS IWO JIMA off the coast of Haiti. She is on a 4 month humanitarian mission. I skyped with her this morning. She sent out this message and the following pictures. Hopefully over the next four months she can send out some dispatches which I will readily post. Here's Janina message.

"On July 19, 2010, Keri and I are embarking on a fascinating
humanitarian trip on behalf of “Give a Kid a Backpack” for the
duration of 4 months. We are joining forces with the U.S military on a
special mission called Continuing Promise. Our purpose on this trip is
to distribute 4,000 backpacks filled with school supplies to Costa
Rica (480), Guatemala (520), Guyana (1,500), and Colombia (1,500).

“Continuing Promise is an annual humanitarian civic assistant
operation supported by U.S. and international military medical
personnel, U.S government agencies, regional health ministries,
non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and U.S academic institutions.”
The relationship which is built among theses groups help preserves
peace and stability with Central and South America and the Caribbean

No matter were we live, obtaining an education is very important.
Education is structured to teach us how to read, write, and calculate.
Education challenges a child so that they can be well prepared for
society. In the U.S we are very privilege to be provided with a free
education. In certain parts of the world children are not able to
attend school because most families can not afford the entry fee
and/or school supplies. Also, families tend not to promote education
to their children because they need their child to work.

“Give a Kid a Backpack” helps promote and educate the importance of
education to communities domestically and internationally. One way
Give a Kid a Backpack has promoted itself through Central Florida is
by partnering up with Orange and Lake County Public Schools. The
organization strategically put together a campaign called Clean Out
for Kids which helps collect lots of useful recyclable school
supplies.  Remember it is essential for a
child to have his or her backpack with school supplies because it
helps develop the beginning path to amazing goals."


Good Job Janina!

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