Saturday, June 12, 2010


Tucson Arizona
Staying at Moma Larson's House

Sonoran Desert
 Having a blast again. I left Mason Texas a few days ago and drove west on I-10 to Las Cruses New Mexico where I stayed in a hotel. Something of interest was driving through El Paso Texas. You can easily see the battlefield known as Juarez Mexico. It looked to me to be a failed state. The violence in that Mexican city of 1.5 million is almost beyond belief. And the day I was driving by a Border Patrol Agent shot and killed a 15 year old Mexican kid who was throwing rocks at the agents and then jumped the border. Then video shows a Mexican agent crossing the border, collecting spent shells and then putting them on the Mexican side. What a mess.

So I'm now at Toni Larson's house in Tucson. Toni is Tom Larson's mother, Tom the former skipper of Sandpiper and current captain of Sadie Sea. The last time I saw Toni was in Puerta Vallarta in 2005 while we were both visiting Tom and Amy during their first year of cruising.

Toni is a great guide. We've checked out the sights here in Tuscon. A really beautiful place. Kind of has a Austin feel to it. The population is way into all things outdoors and Tucson is home to the University of Arizona at Tuscon. There is so much to do, decisions had to be made on the touring front. We decided that a day spent in Tombstone AZ.

Tombstone was a smooth 90 miles south and east of Tuscon. The drive is through the vast Arizona desert and it was blazing. Temps were in the low 100's. The Green Hornet performed admirably under the strain.

Yes, the town is real tourist trap. But I thought it was amazing. The history of the place is so rich and even today the people who keep the legends alive are continuing its history. People walk around in costumes in character and interact with the tourist. So here are some pictures from the Tombstone day.

Lady of The Evening 1880's

Copper Mine Bisbee Arizona


Capt Chris

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for keeping Mom Larson entertainted!! Looks like you two covered alot of ground and had a good time, wierd seeing pics of Christa on the back of a truck in the midddle of nowwhere, will be even wierder to be back in the Bay Area....
Capn Tom/SV Sandpiper/MV Sadie Sea