Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Shipyard FT Myers Florida

Moored Olsen Marine, FT Myers Florida
Moving to California in a Week. Why? Click here.

I've been busy getting Christa ready for her trip out to California. I spent most of yesterday stripping the sails and lifelines while still on the mooring. This morning, I floated in on the high tide to the docks of Olsen Marine with just inches under the keel. At least in California I won't have to be so hyper sensitive to depth. But, of course I'll have to contend with San Francisco Bay's notorious current!

As you can see, once I tied up I was able to remove the boom and some of the other rigging. Tomorrow I'll tinker with all the cotter pins on the rigging and start backing off the turnbuckle's in anticipation of the mast un-stepping scheduled for this Thursday. We'll take care of that while waterborne in the travel lift slip. Once that is complete I'll come back to the same slip and await for the truck to arrive. The truck is now enroute to SC to drop off another boat and may arrive this Friday, but most likely the truck won't be able to be on arrive in time to do everything prior to Memorial Day weekend. So my best guess is Tuesday June 1st is the big day. Meanwhile I will be back and forth to Naples to enjoy the shore side amenities.

I am happy with how things are unfolding. The yard folks have been spot on. All are retired military or former military. We all speak the same language. Beautiful. The weather is tough sometimes though. It's very hot and now each afternoon has ushered in thunderstorms. Nothing to get sweaty about, but they have produced a serious deluge. Tired of pumping out the dingy.

Yesterday, this dragon fly planted himself upon my iPad. Of course I reached for the Canon G11.

Capt Chris

 PS: Update 26 May. Truck is confirmed for a 28 May pick up. Yahoo!!!!!

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