Friday, May 21, 2010

Sailing North From Naples to Fort Myers Beach Florida

On a Mooring Fort Myers Beach Florida

 The weather was perfect and my window had arrived. I had been seeking a windless day. Sounds counter intuitive for a sailboat I know. But after having the diesel engine sitting for 5 month without much load I wanted to open her up for a few hours of activity. Pow. 51 horses of Yanmar ran like a champ. Here I am working on the beast in Long Island New York in September of 2007. Photo credit goes to John Gamble. Bastard.

I fired up all the systems along the way including the water maker and all equipment worked well. It was about a 5 hour transit and I was on a mooring by 1pm. You can see Christa is the 8th boat on the right hand side. It felt great to be out on the water again, if only for a brief time. I am now just a stones throw away from Olsen Marine where Christa will be hauled and put on a truck. That will take place either May 28th or June 1st. The truck driver is now delivering a boat from CA TO WIS, then to SC and then to snatch me.

Mike and Amy have been wonderful to me. Not only did they let me use their dock and then see me off this morning. They then arranged a ride for me back to Naples to pick up the Green Hornet. And to stay in the house. Central Air!!!!!!!!!

Mooring Field FT Myers as Seen from the Bridge

I'll likely head back to Christa on Sunday and start stripping everything I can while on the mooring. Tuesday on the high tide I'll be dockside at Olsen Marine. The crane will be ready to pluck the mast on Thursday.

I slapped together a quick video from this mornings departure. Enjoy!

Capt Chris

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