Saturday, June 20, 2009

Poolside Grenada

Anchored St Davids Harbor
Southern Coast of Grenada
12.01.00N 061 40.05W

I was clued in the other day by Tom & Amy, formerly of the Team Sandpiper, and currently Team SadieSea Charters of St John USVI, that a phat pool could be used at the little resort. So yesterday the day dawned clear with no rain in sight. I was poolside the bulk of the bay. The resort is empty as it is now hurricane season. I didn't see one person the whole day. Since I deep sixed my iTouch awhile ago and my iPod nano also broke, I'm without mobile tunes. So I enjoyed the symphony of nature. Good thing I had my kindle up and running for max reading.

Pretty nice view of Christa I should say. But the weather is back to the norm. Dreadful down pours every hour or so and very humid. When I head ashore I generally get pinned down somewhere, waiting for a gusher to let up. Post deluge, I nose out, assess the likely hood of making it to my next destination before another gusher. Leap frog Grenada style. Right now I'm pinned down at the little beach bar at Grenada Marine. Thankfully we haven't had any thunderstoms, Salinas style with heavy winds. Just lots of rain thus far.

Capt Chris


Anonymous said...

Chris....are you still weighing the differences between getting an I Phone vs Blackberry? If so...I asked a few guys about their thoughts yesterday. They all said the I Phone is too fragile for sailing. I can say I love my Blackberry and hope it will stand up as they advised.

Chuck (the now retired Army Medic)

Anonymous said...

We are having the same rain problems in Miami. I have to tme my drives so I can get when it lets up. Swim fan

Christian Allaire, BMCS (ret) said...

Ahoy guys! Thanks for checking in. Chuck I decided on the Blackberry Curve for a number of reasons. Don't have to switch to AT&T, was able to get the curve for $50 bucks ect. So really looking forward to plugging back into the world!