Thursday, February 26, 2009

Maltese Falcon

As I was approaching the beach the other day for yet another day of operations under the palms I had a sharp intake of air as I noticed the Maltese Falcon. I had followed the construction of this yacht in Latitude38 which is a San Francisco Bay area sailing rag. Its owner, Tom Perkins is a Bay Area guy and very well known Venture Capitalist. Maltese Falcon is an engineering marvel. Perkins who has an engineering degree from MIT had the ship built in Turkey. She is 289 feet with 3 free standing masts that rotate and carries more than 27,000 square feet of sail area. If my memory services correctly, the ships size was limited so Perkins could get the ship under the Golden Gate Bridge. Anyway, please take a second and click on the yachts homepage as it is amazing.

How time flies. I've been in St Martin almost ten days now. I have done little touring around the island as the traffic seems horrendous. So a trip to the next town over, Phillipsburg would be an all day saga. I am a simple chap and everything I desire is right here in Simpson Bay. I have been enjoying the really good cafe's and amazingly enough the prices are reasonable. Substantially less than St Thomas. Although I am paying a $30.00 a week anchoring fee on the Dutch side of the Lagoon. If I were to move to the French side which is really two football fields away, I would pay a $8 fee and that is it. So why not move? Well if I were staying I surely would move. But my anchor is so well dug in now that the peace of mind is worth it to me. Plus when the wind is cranking a dingy ride back to the French side would be a little more than damp.

I am eyeing the weather closely and think I will set sail this Saturday morning if the forecast holds. I believe I will sail on a close reach in 15 knots and under for about 24 hours to the NW coast of Guadeloupe. Depending on actual conditions I could make Antigua, not likely unless the wind is north of east. If Guadeloupe is a stretch and I'm getting headed, I'll ease the sheets and make for St Kitts and Nevis. But I hope to make Guadeloupe, get some rest and then head to the Isle Des Saints just off the south coast of Guadeloupe. So that is it from my side of the planet!

Capt Chris

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