Saturday, December 13, 2008

Blam! Adamo Appears Out of Nowhere!

Capt Chris, winds ENE 15 KTS, occasional showers but in the 80's
12/13/2008, Coral Bay St. John USVI

It was a dark evening. The moon had not made its evening appearance. I had my headphones on, listening to iTunes and working on some new playlists when for some reason I removed my headphones. A clamor outside could be heard....a rap on Christa's hull and their stood Team Adamo. What marvelous people! I was in complete and total shock. That very same day I had been skulking on their website and sure enough they were in Dominica with SV Loon having a grand time. So when they appeared along side Christa I think I said "your in Dominica" and they said well no "were in Coral Bay"! I was very confused for quiet sometime. So we immediately went to Skinny Legs for some eats and treats to get caught up.

I wished I had snapped a shot of Adamo, a beautiful Mason 48 with the whole gang aboard but I failed. I did snap this shot of Mike and Philip doing some hunting on the reef at Johnson's Bay. Team Adamo really are the Jacques Cousteau of the cruising world. Each day they light out for some reef where a lobster is just clucking away with his reef buddies and before you know it Phil's pierced his abdomen with a Hawaiian sling. Good eatin!

But Sue, Mike and Phil have pulled chocks and headed for St Thomas and then onto Puerto Rico where their two other boys are flying in. Adamo moves rapidly. They do the town and then head out. Nothing wrong with that. Since I last saw them in Luperon they have been up and down the island chain a couple of times, did an epic journey up the Orinoco River in Venezuela and are now enroute South Carolina. I am thrilled I got to see them again. If history is any indicator they may have to turn around and come back down this way sooner rather than later. That's how they roll.

Thanks for stopping in Coral Bay Sue, Mike and Phil!

Capt Chris

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